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Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

I get quite a few questions via my Twitter and Facebook social media accounts; most of which are pretty much the same. They are, you might say, questions that are frequently asked. So I have called this page the Frequently Asked Questions page - clever, eh?

1) Why have you removed 'XYZ'?

I haven't removed anything. I am not Netflix. Everywhere I post (website, Twitter, Facebook) I make it clear that it is an unofficial service and I have no afilliation with Netflix.

2) OK, let me rephrase that, why have Netflix removed 'XYZ'?

If you ask Netflix then you'll probably get their stock response: "Contracts are constantly expiring and being renewed - in this case we were unable to renew the license to stream 'XYZ'". In a nutshell Netflix 'rent' films and TV shows from the producers and studios and when you rent things you have to give them back at some point. It's the same with Netflix, licenses expire and they have to stop showing them. Cost is also an issue; Netflix pay to 'rent' the films and if not many people are watching them then they don't want to spend our subscription fees on that content. As such, they might not renew their contract and a show will be removed.

3) Do you know when the new series of 'XYZ' will be added?

No idea. None of the streaming companies really announce what will be added unless they've got something exclusive. Any official announcements from Netflix will be posted on their Press Releases Page (you'll need to change the region to 'Canada' on the right hand side). Other than that, well, you can ask them if you want but you'll probably get the stock answer of "We'll let you know as soon as it's available!".

4) Twice you've mentioned 'asking Netflix' - how would I do that?

When logged in to the main Netflix website, scroll to the very bottom and click on 'Contact Us' - from there you can phone them (free phone number) or have an online chat.

5) Why are you posting so many removal dates - I thought this was 'NEW' on Netflix...? [A.K.A. 'The Netflix Cycle']

Congratulations, you did irony. First of all I post all new additions, any shows that are streaming again (i.e. removed but have come back), expiry dates and removals. Right, let me explain what I call 'The Netflix Cycle'.

  1. Most new titles are added on the '1st of the Month' - this is an exciting day for subscribers
  2. Throughout the rest of the month we usually get a trickle of additions with an occasional surge around the 10th
  3. At the end of the month, and the first day of the following month, lots of titles get removed (see FAQ 2)
  4. As these expiry dates get announced, they get published on the Last Chance page and subscribers get an email (see FAQ 6 below)so everyone can be warned
  5. Go back to (1)
If you're asking why so many things are being removed then the first thing to do is to check the date - if we're near the end of the month then more titles get removed around this time. Just be patient, it means it's almost '1st of the Month' again :D

6) How do I subscribe to email updates about my favourite shows?

First of all you need to either sign up or register an account at my.newonnetflix.info/account. Once you've done that you are then ready to subscribe. Simply click on the subscription envelope on any film and TV show on the New On Netflix Canada site. You will get an email about any expiry dates, removals or new episodes. You can also subscribe to titles that have been removed and we will email you if they are made available again.


To see (and edit) all your current subscriptions please go here: https://my.newonnetflix.info/account/subscriptions_nf


Important: if you don't subscribe to any titles then you won't get any emails!

7) Can I suggest a movie or TV show to Netflix?

Yes! Simply log in to Netflix and go to their requests page.

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